General Aviation YOKE
€ 840,00 excl VAT

SimOn Yoke
All-metal structure with linear rails and trolleys, a very solid structure dedicated to the most demanding simmers.
It is plug & play hardware with a USB interface detectable as a joystick, so it can be used with any simulation platform (MSFS2020, P3D, X-plane 11).
Experience the quality and joy of our professional simulators affordably, hassle-free, and anywhere you want.


We realize how important the high quality of the most often used and the basic aid in any flight simulator is – the Yoke.

Designed and manufactured by SimOn Solution will meet all needs of the most demanding pilots.

Some of this great product features are:

  • dimensions of the casing 29cm x 36cm x 11cm
  • 162 mm of pitch travel for better accuracy
  • – 90 to 90 degree roll
  • pitch and roll are independently loaded
  • no null zone
  • 100% metal structure (except the yoke) for durability
  • linear rails and trolleys for more precise control
  • high-precision potentiometers
  • USB plug&play technology, yoke detected as a game controller and compatible with FSX, P3D, Xplane, MSFS2020
  • high-quality finish
  • hat switch, trimmer and 6 customizable buttons

SimOn Solution Yoke will give you a great experience and maximum immersion.


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