B737 NG 2/3 CPT SIDE Trainer Plug&Play
€ 12.590,00 excl VAT

The best kit for home use and professional application. It is built with attention to every detail in order to simulate a real aircraft as faithfully as possible. Designed for heavy duty applications.

See below for detailed information.

This is the PREMIUM version of the B737 NG 2/3 CPT SIDE Trainer. In this version the MCP, EFIS, and CDU modules are manufactured by CPFlight, a high-end supplier for simulation hardware for the most realistic experience and minimum configuration.
Installed Modules and Functions:
  • B737 Mode Control Panel (MCP) by CP Flight  MCP737NG
  • B737 Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) by CP Flight EFIS737NG
  • B737 Control Display Unit (CDU) by CP Flight CDU737
  • Sixpack System Captain B737
  • Sixpack System F/O B737
  • Gear Lever and LED Annunciators
  • Auto Brake
  • AFDS systems
  • Test light switch
  • Master caution
  • Fire warning
  • Panel front light
  • Adjustable backlight
  • 4 unit display bezels
  • B737 clock
  • B737 Steering Tiller – option
  • back-up instruments – option
  • B737 Control Display Unit (CDU) standard HDMI – in option LAN connect
B737 OVH Designed and built by SimOn Solution team with attention to every detail to bring you the highest realistic experience.
  • 1:1 scale Boeing 737 replica
  • Plug & Play
  • 3D color analog gauges driven by step motors
  • Dimmable backlight for panels and gauges
  • Accurate font styles and sizes
  • Full set of Korry annunciators
  • Aluminum powder coated frame
  • Steel back panels powder coated
  • Power supply 5V/12V
  • Dzus fasteners replicas
  • Painted Boeing style knobs
  • IRS panel – option
  • “Military” toggle switches (pull to switch) – option
  • Landing lights toggle switches caps – option
  • Automatic Engine Starter – option
The structure providing support for the desktop Main Instrument Panel and Overhead panel.
  • Symmetrical frame
  • Made of steel profiles with welded angles
  • Reinforced with struts to ensure rigidity of the entire structure
  • Everything is powder coated in RAL7011
  • Full integration with MIP and OVH

Required connections:

  • 1x 220V / 110V AC
  • 2x USB
  • 5x HDMI (3xDisplays, 2x CDU Display)
  • 3x HDMI (3xDisplays, 2x CDU Display LAN) – option

Size & Weight:

  • 80 cm x 120 cm x 110 cm
  • 80 Kg

Software Required (not included):

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D (P3D v5)
  • ProSim737 by ProSim-AR
  • FSUIPC v6/7 by Pete Dowson
  • XPL11 with ZIBO mod

Optional Equipment:


  • Full size column
  • Cast aluminium, CNC machined and powder coated
  • Push-to-talk button
  • Stab Trim switch
  • Autopilot disengage button

Rudder Pedals

  • Full size B737 replica
  • Realistic tension
  • Differential breaks

Throttle Quadrant

  • Full size B737 replica
  • Non-motorized or motorized option


Worldwide shipping is available. The price does not include the package and shipping cost.

All devices are built-to-order. Standard lead time is 10 – 12 weeks, however, it may vary depends on the current workload.

Please contact us directly for actual lead time and shipping costs quotation.

CDU, MCP, EFIS, MIP737ICS3 modules are third-party products (CPFlight www.cpflight.com)

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