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General Aviation YOKE

€ 779,00 excl VAT

SimOn Yoke All-metal structure with linear rails and trolleys, a very solid structure dedicated to the most demanding simmers. It is plug & play hardware with a USB interface detectable as a joystick, so it can be used with any simulation platform (MSFS2020, P3D, X-plane 11). Experience the quality and joy of our professional simulators affordably, hassle-free, and anywhere you want.

General Aviation Panel

€ 990,00 excl VAT

Brand new and fresh from the press - orders already available for our new General Aviation Panel. It features a vast amount of features and possibilities for one and two engine VFR and IFR operations. A perfect solution for both home simmers and aviation training academies. Very compact and packed with features. Fully compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and soon with P3D and XPL11.

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